All Colorado horse rescues and equine organizations are eligible to apply for a CUHA Annual Grant. Grant monies are to be used for the following programs:

Training to increase the adoptability of rescued horses that are untrained, not started under saddle, or have behavioral problems but are otherwise adoptable.

Gelding from veterinarians, horse rescues, and other organizations that assist horse owners to geld, thereby addressing horse overpopulation and management

End-of-life humane euthanasia options, or training on best practices for carrying out humane euthanasia

Educational outreach to address these issues and help communities work collaboratively to solve local problems

Research that helps assess the at-risk/unwanted horse problem and identify solutions

Other items such as small equipment or innovative programs that help sustain a business and make it more efficient to operate long term. Veterinary expenses are excluded.

The deadline to apply for an Annual Grant is in July or August of every year. All organizations are required to submit a written report of how grant monies were used. Outcomes are documented and measured. Incomplete applications will not be funded. This includes failure to provide end of year data.

In an effort to measure our impact, we will be requesting all grant recipients submit a six-month grant report outlining their progress toward grant objectives. We also ask that grant recipients promote or acknowledge support from CUHA on their websites or social media.

The 2023 Grant Cycle is open.
Applications must have been received by CUHA by Monday, August 14, 2023.

2023 Grant Guidelines and Application