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Through the Annual Grant, CUHA provides funding for programs for horses that are unwanted or at-risk of becoming unwanted.

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Learn about responsible horse ownership, promote horse adoptions, and donate to support horse rescues and equine organizations that are caring for unwanted horses.

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Special Support for At-Risk Horses

Through CUHA, organizations that help us further our mission to reduce the number of unwanted horses in Colorado, can gain financial support to care for horses, promote horse adoptions, and work toward solutions to the tragedy of unwanted horses.

CUHA raises funds year-round to provide equine organizations, rescues, and veterinarians with two types of grant opportunities:

Annual Grant. Awarded one time annually, these grants support programs for horse training, gelding, humane euthanasia, educational outreach, research, or special equipment.

At Risk Fund Grant. Awarded at any time for specific requests, these emergency grants provide funding for emergency hay, humane euthanasia, gelding, non-routine farrier services, and emergency medical care.

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CUHA’s funding comes from grant funding and individual donors, and donations through the Colorado Tax Checkoff. Donations are welcomed and essential to our mission.