Helping provide owners with options.

Giving horses a second chance.

Rescue, Adoption and Retirement facilities offer a great option to horse owners who are no longer willing or able to care for their horses.

Finding the right rescue organization is crucial to the horse’s future. When choosing a rescue, it’s important to evaluate the care the horses receive, their financial stability, and their placement success.

Animal Care

Rescue horses should have key animal care items:

Appropriate, safe facilities and fencing

Training services and exercise

Daily cleaning and maintenance of living areas

Veterinary care

Available dental care and farrier services

Adequate food and nutrition

Interaction with humans and other animals as appropriate

Financial Stability

A financially stable rescue will be better equipped to take on the burden of care for an unwanted horse. The organization’s financial situation can effect everything from your horse’s veterinary care to the quality of training he receives and the efficiency of the process for finding him a new family. 

Placement Success

A rescue organization is not a home and isn’t an ideal long-term living solution for most horses. An effective rescue organization can intake horses, care for them and make them adoptable, and get them back into a home as quickly as possible.

Colorado Horse Rescues

Although CUHA does not endorse one particular facility, it does recognize the efforts of the following organizations:

Colorado Horse Rescue

Front Range Equine Rescue

Horse Protection League