Naïve owners. People purchase horses without a clear understanding of the expense of boarding and caring for the animal.

Loss of income. People lose their jobs or go through a life event that makes them no longer able to afford horse ownership.

Illness or death of owners. People simply die or become too ill to care for their horses and there are no family members or friends who are able or willing to step in.

Moving. Sometimes people move and are unable or unwilling to transport theirs horses to their new home.

Aging horses. As horses age, they can outlive their usefulness to their owners, or owners cannot afford to care for an aging, sick, or injured horse.

Use of horses. Sometimes horses no longer meet the owner’s “expectations.”

Negligence or abuse. Unfortunately, many people commit cruelty to their horses, and the horses are seized by authorities and need to be rehomed.

Horses become unmanageable or dangerous. Finally, people do not or cannot properly tame or train their horse. As a result, owners no longer want the horse, and neither do any potential adopters.