If you are considering euthanasia, the following are some questions to consider about your horse.

Is the horse’s condition chronic, incurable and resulting in unnecessary pain and suffering?

  • Does the horse’s condition present a hopeless prognosis for life?
  • Is the horse a hazard to itself, other horses, or humans?
  • Will the horse require continuous medication for the relief of pain and suffering for the remainder of its life?
  • If the horse is suffering but treatable, is proper and recommended care of the horse within the means of the owner or rescue/retirement facility, such that the health and safety of the other horses is not compromised?
  • Is the horse constantly and in the foreseeable future unable to move unassisted and interact with other horses. Is the horse exhibiting behaviors that prohibit a decent quality of life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the humane thing to do may be to euthanize. A licensed equine veterinarian can help you make this decision and discuss options for humane end-of-life procedures.

A quality veterinarian near you can be found through these resources: