2017 Equine Comeback Challenge is in the works!

Mark your calendars for March 11, 2017, at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. Come see the transformation of horses first-hand!

CUHA is currently recruiting trainers and contacting rescues for potential horses. This year’s event will be bigger and better with more:

  • Trainer and horse teams
  • Prizes
  • Available horses for adoption
  • Impact on Colorado’s unwanted horse population!

For more information about how to support this event or participate, contact Dawn Brunetti at 303 968-8381.

2017 special thanks to the Animal Assistance Foundation for their continued support of this event!

About the Equine Comeback Challenge

CUHA is proud to collaborate with A Home for Every Horse on the Equine Comeback Challenge, held  at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

Through the program, rescues and trainers come together to engage select horses in a 90-day training transformation. At the end of the training, the horses showcase their new abilities before a panel of judges, and trainers compete for recognition and prize money.

Most importantly, horses are prepared for new jobs. And people throughout the state discover the ability, potential, and promise of horses that may not have been ready for a “Comeback” before the challenge began.

The March 2016 Equine Comeback Challenge was a tremendous success.

Special thanks to the organizations and individuals who provided grant funding and donations for this exciting event, including the ASPCA and the Animal Assistance Foundation.

Finals Wes and Lil Andi

Wes and Lil Andi

Click here to meet the 2016 horses and trainers.